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Krank's 2018 Release IF
Krank's 2002 Release Get it Right
Krank's 1999 Release Get Up and Go

THe Akron based band Krank formed in 1998 with husband and wife team Ginger O'Day (vocals) and Vincent Anthony (bass). The first two CD's "Get up and Go" in 1999 and "Get it Right" in 2002 were recorded with original members Mike "Tharn" Santarelli on Guitars and Dave Alexy on Drums. In the mid part of 2002 both Dave Alexy and "Tharn" departed the band and was replaced by Terry Salem on drums and Curly on guitars.

During Krank's 5 year reign from 1998 to 2003 they released two CD's "Get up and Go" in 1999 and "Get it RIght " in 2002 . In the latter half of 2002 Krank's first video "I Found Out" was released with the latest lineup . All throughout that period of time the new lineup was busy writing new material but unforunately never released the new songs for one reason or another until this year.

The new CD "IF" is the final chapter of Krank's career as the songs reflect the sound they were looking for all along. We are happy that we can finally share a piece of our history with you.

Here are some highlights of Krank's achievements during their career:

Krank was chosen out of thousands of entries as a top 50 Qualifier in The American Music Awards Presents The Coca-Cola New Music Award 2003 Competition

Krank was part of a female only DOORS compilation CD called "Love her Madly" covering the song "I looked at you" off their first album. Incidently, you can hear that same song as it is part of their latest CD "IF".

Krank appeared on a compilation CD fas part of a giveaway at the opening of TORRID stores nationwide. They chose the song "Get it Right" from Krank's 2nd CD

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